When I can I apply?

The application is now open to Rainbow Leaders cycle 3.  This training will be available in Spanish and English.

Application form and other relevant documents are available in Spanish here.

What is the cost of the training?

All expenses, including tuition fee, international travel, insurance, food, lodging and visa fees are covered by the scholarship, at no cost for participants. Costs that must be covered by each participant are: domestic travel in your country to get to and from the international airport of departure for Sweden, and costs related to your visa application: travel costs and other costs (visa fee itself will be reimbursed).

Who can apply to the training?

For each training, 22-25 participants will be selected. 80 % will be from target countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Colombia, Ecuador, Honduras, India, Kenya, Peru, Serbia, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe

20% may be from non target countries, that are DAC countries (any country listed here).

Young leaders, special provision:

At least 4 participants in each training will be under the age of 27.

Read more here.

How were the target countries selected?

Rainbow Leaders are part of the Global LGBT Human Rights Partnership, a partnership between USAID, Sida, Astraea, RFSL and corporate partners. Target countries were selected by USAID to maximize the potential of the outreach of the entire partnership.

The partnership countries are:

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Colombia, Ecuador, Honduras, India, Kenya, Peru, Serbia and South Africa.

For this particular initiative Zambia and Zimbabwe are also target countries.

When will I know if I was accepted?

Selected applicants will be notified by July 1st. If you have not heard from us by July 1st, you have not been selected.

As a leader, I am so busy all the time – how is the training organised in Sweden, is there any time to do  my regular work?

The training is full time, and requires each leader’s full participation. All classroom activities are mandatory, and only those who participate in all sessions, will be able to obtain the training certificate after finishing the full program.

– Schedule in Sweden:

Mondays-Fridays will be scheduled between approx 9am-5 pm. Optional social activities take place 1-2 times a week, on evenings and weekends.

– Unscheduled hours:

Each week will have 3-6 hours of unscheduled daytime, so called “office time”. During these hours, participants can attend to the most pressing and urgent concerns at their home offices.

If this is not enough time, participants will have to make room for work during evenings and weekends.

If your work load is too heavy, and there is not enough support for you to leave office and committ fully to the training for the full three weeks, unfortunately – you are not a suitable candidate for the training.

Where will the training take place?

In Stockholm, week 1 of 3 is held at a countryside resort far from the city center. During this week (from you arrive until Friday of the first week) there is no opportunity to get into the city, or to shop for anything, so selectees will be advised to bring all supplies, except food of course! (i.e. bring cigarettes, toothpaste and any other cosmetic/hygiene articles).

Week 2 and 3 of each training is held at in Stockholm City. The hotel is a 10 minute walk from the conference venue.

The follow up week takes place in Cape town, South Africa.

What can I expect as a participant?

An intense and advanced training program, focused on enabling leaders to build capacities over a long period of time. The program spans over 4-5 months, with 3 weeks in Sweden and 1 week in South Africa at the end. During the time inbetween, you as a leader apply your new knowledge and methods, with the support form your mentor group. At the follow up in South Africa, you report on your progress, challenges and successes.

Attending the program means committing to the full 4-5 months. The 3 + 1 weeks of classroom activities are full time, and require your full attention. Regarding the time in between, it’s more up to you how much effort you put in to applying your new skills, and working to develop them further. Continous contact (1-2 times a month) with the mentor group is expected and required.


  1. Alberto Moscoso Flor

    Will be all the training in english or is there an option to get the training in spanish. the same for the application, Can I send it in spanish?

    • rainbowleaders

      Thank you for your interest in the Rainbow Leaders program! The third training will be in Spanish, we accept applications for that training in Spanish.

      Training 3, English speaking + Spanish speaking

      3 week training in Stockholm October 5th – 25hth 2014

      1 week follow-up in South Africa, May 2015.

  2. Younis Akhter Tubbsum

    Dear sir i am from Pakistan which is not your target country but we are working for the rights of gay . . my dear the situation gay in our country is pitiable . they are not given their basic right . and beside they do not have government job as well as job in the private sector . so we want to motivate our gay leader to raise their voice against in justice so therefore please tell me as soon as possible that our organization can apply for this training . my dear time is very short and it is very important training so we want to get advantage of this training.
    please do discuss our special case with you high official so that we can also participate in your training
    waiting for your positive response
    best regards
    your sincerely

    Younis Akhter Tubbsum.
    President SHAAD organization
    Email no shaadorg@gmail.com
    cell no + 92 3344227984
    Land line no + 92 042 36612987

      • marilyne laini

        Dear Younis,
        Kindly does it mean for those who applied and have not got any communication by now were not successful?

      • rainbowleaders

        Thank you for your question and interest in Rainbow Leaders. We will communicate with everyone who has applied, as to the status of their applications. However, at this point we have to prioritise communications with those selected, which means that there may be a slight delay in our response to those who have not been accepted.

        If you have not received any response at this time, it’s likely you have not been selected, although we encourage everyone to check their spam mail also. Thank you for your patience.

  3. Kopano

    My name is Kopano Sibeko, I am really interested in Rainbow Leaders. I cannot seem to view the application form, may you please send me the link.


  4. Joseph Young

    I am not a leader and activist for any LGBTI group. But as a person with intersex condition I would like to join this program and learn how can I work for LGBTI people. I know this program from Intersex Asia facebook. Can you accept me to join this program. My email is aissgmy@gmail.com. Thanks.

  5. Erica

    The list of the non-target countries is the same in the first and second trainings?
    Best regards,
    A Portuguese LGBTQI activist

  6. Malou

    This sounds like a great opportunity. Leadership skills in all LGBTI organisations are important. Are all countries eligible for applying?

  7. Alfredo


    My name is Alfredo, I understand we have to work in a proyect during 3 week of training. My project is about leadership through music. My question, All the projects has to be about homosexual topics? or can I work in another area?

  8. Pingback: Call For Applications: Rainbow Leaders ‘Global Program for Sustainable LGBTI Leadership’ Oct 2014 | The Essential Denis Nzioka
    • rainbowleaders

      No, you can only attend Rainbow Leaders once. If you attended another training program arranged by RFSL e.g LGBT and Human Rights International Training Program, you can still attend Rainbow Leaders.

  9. Jerry

    Can interested persons who are not leaders apply to attend and may be fund or get a sponsor for them as eye opener into leadership.

  10. Malan

    Good day! Thank you for this excellent opportunity. I am very excited.

    I have tried submitting my application several times, but it won’t accept my birthdate. I input it as 07 16 1985. Can you tell me how this can be resolved?

    Kind regards


    • rainbowleaders

      Thank you for your interest in Rainbow Leaders. Please check carefully that the figures are in correct order (unless you already did). We have not encountered this problem before, so I don’t know what may have gone wrong. If you are still unsuccesful, add another (any) date and notify us in the last text field of this and insert your correct birth date manually there. Thank you.

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